Connections, the RNANT/NU Newsletter provides a medium through which members and others are informed about the policies, objectives and activities of RNANT/NU along with trends and issues in the NT and NU. There are three editions, a spring, summer and fall newsletter that are published each membership year. If you are interested in receiving the Connections the RNANT/NU Newsletter electronically, please contact us.

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Keeping Connected

Inform us of nursing activities — new roles, new facilities, your unit what you do, fund raising activities, community involvement, “nurse to know” — in your locale or northern nurses working/volunteering internationally.  Photos are encouraged!

Nurse to Know

RNANT/NU has many members who have made a significant contribution to the nursing profession and to the lives and health of the people of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. The RNANT/NU would like to acknowledge these contributions by featuring a “Nurse to Know” in each edition of the newsletter.

For information on the Nurse to Know nominee requirements, click here

Nurse to Know Nomination Form

Submitting News Items

All submissions must be sent in Word, Ariel, 12 pt font as a separate attached document, please do not embed in an email. Photos are to be attached separately and accompanied by a written consent for publication.

RNANT/NU Photo Release Form

Deadlines for Newsletter Submissions

Submissions for the November 15 Fall Newsletter – September 30

Submissions for the March 15 Spring Newsletter – January 30

Submissions for the July 15 Summer Newsletter – May 30

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