About Us

The Northwest Territories Registered Nurses Association (NWTRNA) was established in 1975 by the Nursing Profession Act as the regulatory and professional body for registered nurses in the Northwest Territories (NT). In 1999, NWTRNA became the regulatory body and professional association for both the Northwest Territories and Nunavut (NU). Effective January 1, 2004, with new legislation the Northwest Territories Registered Nurses Association changed its name to the Registered Nurses Association of Northwest Territories and Nunavut (RNANT/NU).

Registered nurses and nurse practitioners are the only self-regulated health professionals in both the NT and NU. The regulatory functions of RNANT/NU per the Nursing Profession Acts (NPA) serve to protect the public and include:

  • Member Registration;
  • Professional Conduct Review; and
  • Approval of Education Programs.

As a professional association, RNANT/NU strives to enhance the role of registered nurses and nurse practitioners through professional advocacy and promotion.

RNANT/NU is governed by a Board of Directors as mandated in the Nursing Professions Acts. The Board of Directors consists of 12 members; 10 elected registered nurses and two public representatives appointed by the Minister of Health and Social Services in the NT and the Minister of Health in NU. The day to day operations of RNANT/NU are performed by RNANT/NU employees. In addition, RNANT/NU employees work with a number of RNANT/NU committees composed of volunteer RNANT/NU members and public representatives to perform both regulatory and professional advocacy roles.

Mandate: The creation, enforcement and promotion of policy to protect the public and advocacy to support nurses through member engagement, leadership and relevance.

Mission: To protect the public and to support nurses by promoting and maintaining nursing standards and by advocating for our members through consultation, education and community building.

Vision: Excellence in nursing for the Northwest Territories and Nunavut

Principles: The Registered Nurses Association of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut acts in accordance with the following principles: integrity, accountability, collaboration, inclusion and transparency.

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