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Message from the Executive Director and President

A message from the Executive Director: 

The Registered Nurses Association of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut employees and Board members appreciate the commitment and dedication that our members have demonstrated during the ongoing pandemic. We recognize that it has been a very difficult and exhausting period for many of you. Nurses are the largest group of health care providers in the north and you have played key roles in the response to the pandemic as direct care providers, educators, leaders policy makers and researchers. In light of your nursing care, we want to recognize your resilience and commitment to public safety.

Thank you,


A message from the President: 

As we enter the renewal period for 2022, I would like to take this opportunity to send my sincere appreciation to each of you for your continued commitment to nursing. We all know too well that nursing is a profession that requires an intense level of professional commitment as well as the commitment to lifelong learning. Utilizing evidence-based practice gives nurses the necessary tools needed to become change agents and make a difference thus improving health care outcomes. Let us continue to work together to provide nursing care that is reflective of evidence-based information while ensuring public safety.

All the best!



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