CCRNR: The Nurse Practitioner Regulation Framework Implementation Plan Project Newsletter #9

last updated: May 3, 2023

The Nurse Practitioner Regulation Framework Implementation Plan Project (NPR-FIPP) in Canada aims to establish a new model for Nurse Practitioner (NP) regulation that promotes patient safety, consistency, collaboration, and mobility. This involves aligning graduate-level education programs with revised NP Entry-Level Competencies (ELCs) and implementing a single national NP entry-level exam for all NPs in Canada. The ultimate goal is for NP entry-level education programs to prepare students for general NP practice across all client age groups and practice settings. As each provincial and territorial regulator approves the revised NP ELCs, NP education programs across Canada are expected to revise their curriculum accordingly. NP regulators anticipate that the new NP exam will be ready in 2026, in time for students to graduate from the revised NP education programs. Existing NPs with specialties will continue to be regulated, but regulators will no longer register new NPs in specialties. Future areas of specialization after registration are still being defined. Jurisdictions are considering options to transition currently registered specialty NPs to the new regulatory model. The NPR-FIPP welcomes questions and comments from stakeholders via their website subscription form.

Link to the newsletter website HERE.

Newsletter PDF here: english-_npr-fipp-project-update–9-final—may-1

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