Nurse’s Voices: Supporting Communities in the North

last updated: October 4, 2021

Nursing in Canada’s North involves overcoming many challenges every day, including staffing, access, equipment, transportation and weather, to name just a few. But there is an incredibly strong sense of community here, and residents who call the North home go to great lengths to overcome nature’s obstacles to keep one another safe.

In this episode, hosts Gail Donner and Mary Wheeler have an enlightening conversation with Dianne Iyago, Public Health Nurse in Baker Lake, Nunavut and Betty Strbac, Community Health Nurse in Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories.

Hear as Dianne and Betty discuss the trust that needs to be built as a nurse in the North, how they have dealt with COVID-19, and how nursing is both challenging and rewarding in two of Canada’s most remarkable places.

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