New Graduate

A $65.63 processing fee is charged to an applicant’s credit card upon receipt of the payment authorization form. This payment authorization form is required to begin processing an application. Other documents (e.g., transcripts, references, etc.) are added to an applicant’s file as they are received at the office. When all required documents are received, the Registration Committee reviews the entire application for registration eligibility and approval.

Once an application is approved by the Registration Committee, the applicant is contacted by phone or email.

Please note: It is a registration violation to be employed as a graduate nurse or graduate nurse practitioner without a valid license to practice in the NT and/or NU. This includes any orientation, as well as the completion of any employer requirements. When a temporary certificate application is approved, the applicant is contacted by email.

To apply for a Temporary Certificate as a new graduate with the RNANT/NU, the following items are required: Please review Policy R3: Temporary Certificate

  1. Temporary Certificate Payment Authorization
  2. Temporary Certificate Application Form
  3. Identification – A copy of valid government (federal or territorial) issued photo ID. The ID must include photo, signature, expiry date, and be in colour. (Fax is not accepted for Photo ID’s)
  4. Transcript Request Form
  5. Recommendation from Graduate Nurse (a requirement for new graduates, if not previously requested for a temporary certificate). This verification is requested directly to the RNANT/NU from the licensing body of the educational institution where an applicant completed their education program.
  6. References:
    Character Reference: One Form C- Instructor Reference Form is required and is to be submitted directly to the RNANT/NU from the instructor.
  7. Information Sharing Consent Form (this form is optional and is used to grant permission to give updates on an applicant’s registration status to their NT and/or NU employer)

Are You Looking to Renew or Extend Your Temporary Certificate?

If you are looking to renew/extend a Temporary Certificate, the following items are required:

  1. Temporary Certificate Renewal Application
  2. Temporary Certificate Payment Authorization

If you have any questions regarding the registration application process, please contact the Registration Coordinator

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