CNA: Understanding Cannabis in Clinical Practice

CNA is offering a virtual course to better understand the use of cannabis in clinical practice. The course fee is only $5 and the duration is one hour and thirty minutes. There is opportunity to provide feedback throughout the modules and with the final evaluation.

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CNPS July 2022 Webinars

In July, we are bringing back our popular webinar on documentation. Properly documenting patient encounters is both a legal and professional requirement that contributes to safe patient care and good clinical communications. Documentation has always been considered a critical nursing fundamental, but it has taken on increased importance in today’s ever-changing healthcare landscape. Learn about how documentation may be used in a legal context.

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Webinars are free to CNPS beneficiaries and nursing students. All webinars include live Q&A and are listed in Eastern Time (ET):

Nursing & Criminal Negligence

In a recent American court decision, a nurse was criminally charged after unintentionally administering the wrong medication to a patient, causing death. On May 13th, the sentencing decision was released: the court ordered probation rather than a prison term. The sentencing judge noted that the nurse had expressed credible remorse. This incident has led to many questions throughout the nursing community, including whether the sentence is proportionate to the error and what impact this ruling may have on the reporting of medication errors and patient safety.

Webinars are free to CNPS beneficiaries and nursing students. All webinars include live Q&A and are listed in Eastern Time (ET):

U of T Faculty of Nursing online courses offered

The Lawrence S. Bloomberg faculty of nursing at the University of Toronto is offering a variety of courses, ranging from self-led online courses to professor-led online classes.

Beginning as early as September 2022. 

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CNA Webinars

CNA has a variety of up to date webinars on topics of interest. Visit here to learn more.
To watch recordings of previous webinars, visit CNA’s Progress in Practice YouTube channel here.

Coffee with Claire:
CNA is hearing from members that among all the emerging science and social media opinions circulating, there is a need for current, reliable evidence-based information on COVID-19.  CNA president Claire Betker hosted a series of conversations with experts and question-and-answer sessions with nurses across Canada.
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