Continuing Competency


The Continuing Competency Program (CCP) will be online and completed during renewal each year. Instructions will be posted on this site prior to renewal.

Continuing Competence Plans will be submitted online during renewal. For the 2022 Renewal you will enter your 2021 CCP and start your 2022 CCP. You cannot renew without completing these steps. 

Information for audited members:
Before submitting your documents online it is helpful to review the information found in this section. The following documents may assist you with achieving a satisfactory submission.

  • 1) Directions on completing the learning plan will be posted here prior to renewal. 
  • 2) Members Checklist: Tool for your own use to assist you in creating your learning plan found here.
  • 3) Continuing Competency Plan – Continuous Learning Activities Examples are found here.

Please review The Framework for the Practice of Registered Nurses in Canada.

Competence is the integration of knowledge, skills, attitudes, judgment, abilities, experience and the underlying ethical intent of professional nursing practice, in a given context, and in accordance with Standards of Practice.

The RNANT/NU Continuing Competence Program is grounded in the understanding that all RNs and NPs are competent and committed to lifelong learning. The RNANT/NU Bylaw 4 outlines the process for assessing continuing competence and states how an annual random audit of members is conducted. The purpose of the RNANT/NU Continuing Competence Program is to support and demonstrate the ongoing competence of nurses who are practicing as registered nurses and/or nurse practitioners in the Northwest Territories and/or Nunavut.

Is the Self-Assessment online?

A Self-Assessment is provided each year online for RNANT/NU members. This tool utilizes the guidelines in the RNANT/NU Standards of Practice. Its purpose is to assist members in identifying areas for further learning and development in their nursing practice.  

Do I include any certificates that I have achieved over the registration year?

You will have the option to upload any documents during the online process, however these document do not have to be submitted unless requrested during the audit process. 

All RNANT/NU members are required to complete an annual Continuing Competence Plan (CCP) as part of the RNANT/NU Continuing Competence Program. If you are licensed with the RNANT/NU as an active practicing RN or NP, you are required to complete your annual CCP using the online format.

All members are required to identify 2 learning needs. The learning needs should be grounded in the professional expectations of the Code of Ethics (CNA) and the Standards of Practice for Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners (RNANT/NU). The learning needs should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.

Mininum of two activities are then identified to meet the two learning need.

If you are unsure or need guidance on activities please refer to the document Continuing Competency Plan – Continuous Learning Activities Examples found here. 

Prior to Annual Renewal, all members are required to evaluate the effectiveness of their specific activities in meeting their learning needs during the registration year. For example, prior to renewing your registration for 2022, you should evaluate if the activities you completed met the learning needs you identified in your 2021 online learning plan and have this completed prior or during renewal.


To meet the purpose of the Continuing Competence Program, goals have been developed. The goals of the Continuing Competence Program are to:

  1. Provide a process that supports quality nursing care to the public.
  2. Support nurses in their professional commitment to lifelong learning and excellence.
  3. Provide an annual reporting on the Continuing Competence Program to demonstrate the nursing profession’s accountability to the public.NEW
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