CCP Examples

  1. Your 2 learning goals/needs should be specific.
    – What do you want to know more about?
    – What do you feel you can improve upon in your current nursing practice?
  2. Your 2 Learning Activities per learning goal should clearly highlight what you have completed over the course of the year. They should be specific.
    – What exactly did you do? When did you complete the activitiy? 
  3. Your Evidence of Evaluation should address your learning goal/need for all your learning goals.
    – Did you learn what you wanted to learn?
    – If so, what do you feel you learned? How has what you learned changed, influenced or enhanced your nursing practice? Be specific and include details!
    – If you were unable to complete the learning goal/need, why do you feel this is the case? What are your future plans for addressing the learning goal/need? Did you note this and add a new learning goal and activities? 

Added here are three examples you can review. 

  1. LEARNING PLAN Example 1
  2. LEARNING PLAN Example 2
  3. LEARNING PLAN Example 3

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