CPP Annual Audit

RNANT/NU Annual Audit

Each spring, the RNANT/NU conducts an annual audit. For the annual audit, 10% of our members are randomly selected to submit their CCP from the previous registration year. This is a computer-generated list from our database. Due to the smaller number of members, this means you can be selected more than one year in a row, even multiple successive years.

Audited members are contacted by email and are provided with the information required to submit their CCP.

Length of employment or not being registered the year following does not change the requirements to provide your CCP, you are still required to submit your learning plan by the date indicated on the Audit letter.

Please note that all CCP Learning Plans should have been completed by December 31 of each registration year.

Note: If an RNANT/NU member is currently licensed with another Canadian regulatory body and has completed an annual CCP for that jurisdiction, they will be required to submit their CCP on the RNANT/NU Forms provided on the website. You will still need to meet the requirements of the RNANT/NU CCP program.

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