CPP Annual Audit

RNANT/NU Annual Audit

Each spring, the RNANT/NU conducts an annual audit. For the annual audit, 10% of our members are randomly selected from the previous registration year. This is a computer-generated list from our database. Due to the smaller number of members, this means you can be selected more than one year in a row, even multiple successive years.

Audited members CCP submissions completed during renewal will be reviewed by the Registration Committee. Members will be notified by email if their submissions are not satisfactory and will be given two weeks to revise their online CCP. 

Review the Registration Policy R12: Continuing Competency Plan (CCP) Audit here.

Length of employment, leave, or not being registered the year following does not change the requirements to submit your CCP, you are still required to resubmit your learning plan by the date indicated by the Registration Committee.

Instructions and tools are provided on the website.

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