RN Initial Application

PLEASE NOTE: It is the members responsibility to keep RNANT/NU updated on changes to their name, email, phone or address.


The RN Initial Registration Application is for:

  • all registered nurses who are currently registered elsewhere in Canada and who wish to register with the RNANT/NU for the first time, and
  • Canadian nurse graduates who wish to register with the RNANT/NU for the first time.

A $65.63 processing fee is charged to an applicant’s credit card upon submission of an application. This payment  is required to begin processing an application. 

The employer references and colleague references must be sent by the employer/colleague directly to RNANT/NU. References received from the applicant are not valid. 

When all required documents are received, the Registrar reviews the entire application for registration eligibility and approval. This process can take up to 15 business days. Once approved you will receive an email from the registration coordinator with your receipt and registration. 

The expectation is that once approved that the registration fee is collected. Approved applications are valid for six months from the date the application is submitted, and the processing fee taken. After six months, the applicant is required to submit a new application and documents.

If you have any questions regarding the RN Initial Registration Application process, please contact the Registration Coordinator at info@rnantnu.ca

Please review the R01 Registered Nurse Requirements Registration Policy prior to starting your application.

Click here for the 2022 fee list applicable to January – December 31st 

To apply for an initial registration as an RN with the RNANT/NU for the 2022 membership year:

  1. Complete the RN Initial Registration Application process online.
  2. Identification – A copy of valid government (federal or territorial) issued photo ID. The ID must include photo, signature, and expiry date. Please scan both sides in color and email to info@rnantnu.ca (Fax is not accepted for Photo ID’s)
  3. Verification of registration request from all jurisdictions in which you are currently or formerly registered.
  4. Evidence of successfully passing an entry-to-practice exam accepted by the RNANT/NU (this requirement generally applies to new graduates only).
  5. Recommendation form from your school of nursing (a requirement for new graduates, if not previously requested for a temporary certificate). This verification must be submitted directly to the RNANT/NU by the licensing body of the educational institution where an applicant completed their education program.
  6. Canadian applicants: meeting the English language requirements

    You must submit an English Language Proficiency Test score that meets our requirements (see below) unless you provide satisfactory evidence of the following:

    1. You meet one of the following criteria:
      1. Completed a nursing program where the language of instruction, for both theory and clinical, was English. Online or distance education programs do not meet the definition of a nursing program for the purpose of this requirement. A written statement from the school of nursing may be required
      2. Provided a completed Form D Employer Confirmation of English Language Proficiency directly from your employer(s) that shows you:
        1. Have worked as a nurse for a minimum of 24 months prior to submitting your application in a setting where services were provided in English and
        2. there were no concerns with your nursing practice when you communicated in English
      3. You met the English language proficiency test requirement at the time of registration with another Canadian jurisdiction and have continued to work in an English-speaking and writing environment since that time.
  7. References:
    Employer Reference: Form A1 Employer Reference is required from each of your two most recent employers. The Form A2 Evidence of Practice Hours is required from all employers from the past five years. 
  8. If you were employed by only one employer for the last five years or more, we only require a reference from that one employer.

    Please ensure you have worked a minimum of 300 hours with the employer you have requested provide you a reference.

    Colleague Reference: If you have less than five years work experience as an RN and have had only one employer, please have Form B Colleague Reference Form submitted in addition to your employer reference form.
    If you have only been self-employed as an RN, please have two Form B Colleague Reference Form submitted.
    New Graduate: New graduate applicants must have Form C Instructor Reference Form submitted. This form is to be completed and submitted by a nursing faculty member from the applicant’s school of nursing. 

  9. Information Sharing Consent Form (this form is used to grant permission to give updates on an applicant’s registration status to their NT and/or NU employer).

  10. New Graduates: New graduate applicants must provide their transcripts. Transcript Request Form
  11. Review Policy R01: Registered Nurse Requirements
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